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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tahukah Anda? : Taps Used For Water

The Pillar Tap

Pillar tap is used to supply water to basins, baths, bidets and sinks. Combined hot and cold pillar taps are available with fixed or swivel outlet. The outlet of these taps must be bi-flow, i.e. separate waterways for hot and cold water to prevent crossflow of water within the pipework.

Fig: Pillar Taps Digram And Samples of Pillar Taps Types

Pillar Tap Diagram

Pillar Tap

Sample: Quarter-turn Ceramic Disc Pillar Tap

Sample: Pillar Tap

Sample: Quater-turn Ceramic Disc Pillar Tap

 Sample: Single Lever Cold Pillar Tap 

The Bib Tap

Bib tap is for wall fixing, normally about 150mm above a sanitary appliance. The 'Supatap' bib tap permits a change of water without shutting off the water supply. It is also available in pillar format. Quarter-turn taps are easy to operate by hand or elbow, therefore are suitable for use by the disabled and medical practitioners.

Fig: Bib Taps Digram And Samples of Bib Taps Types

Bib Tap Diagram
Sample: Conventional Bib Taps

Sample: Brass Polished Bib Taps

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